Orabloc dental

Italian technology and quality for a new injection experience.


  • 30G ES – thirty extra short
  • 30G S – thirty short
  • 27G S – twenty 7 short
  • 27G L – twenty 7 long
  • 25G L – twenty 5 long

and benefits

Two features distinguish Orabloc needles from the competitors:
  • sharpening to reduce pain perception
  • a perfectly siliconized external needle surface for a smooth injection

Technical features

  • Triple sharpening
  • Anti coring effect
  • Bevel indicators to orient the tip direction
  • Siliconized to facilitate tissues penetration
  • EO sterilized
  • Hood with sterility guarantee closure
The perfect sharpening surface of the needles tested in every penetration phase places the Orabloc needles at the top of the quality standard
  1. Threated plastic hub
  2. Bevel indicators for orienting the needle
  3. Siliconized cannulas
  4. Hypodermic needles high grade stainless steel
  5. Triple sharpening to ensure zero pain


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